Student Projects

Posted by Matt Wang on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Human Motion Analysis Programming

MATLAB programs for human motion analysis, including motion tracking, evaluation of body balance, and derivation of joint forces and torques of the lower body, etc. It uses the data derived from a motion capture system and force plates. [GitHub]

Web Crawler of USPTO PatFT Database

Web crawler with PyQt5 UI for automatically gathering information of issued US patents and batch download in the format of PDF. [GitHub]

Mobile robot built in ROS

A SLAM robot that can receive commands by gestures or voices. I mainly responsible for the hand gesture recognition using Kinect sensor with OpenCV image (skin detection + convex hull) and the human body joint detection.

Manipulator Controlled by Kinect-Captured Arm Gestures

A robot arm that can achieve the location of the body segments using Kinect SDK and OpenCV with UI written in C#.

Automatic Tuner of Guitar using Renesas RX210

We utilizes FFT sound analysis in a motor-actuated tuner, which can be easily adjusted and adapted to most of string instruments with pegs. It was one of best three projects selected from 15 competitors and was presented to Renesas Electronics, Taiwan.

RC Hovercraft

This is the project of the capstone course of dept. of M.E., NTU. Ranked 2nd both in RC hovercraft racing competition and affiliated best report contest (18 teams participated).

GUI for Aiding Retractable Suspension Mechanism Design

A MATLAB GUI that can visualize the design parameters of the double-wishbone mechanism.