Matt Wang's Note


I’m Wei-Hsiang (Matt) Wang from Taiwan.

I’m currently a Backend Engineer at GoFreight architecting the API gateway service and contructing the cargo tracking system for our core freight management product. I was previously a Backend/DevOps Engineer at Umbo Computer Vision focusing primarily on the development of realtime human/vehicle detection pipeline .

I’m also a volunteer in Taiwanese Python community. In 2021 & 2022, I was the lead of web team in PyCon Taiwan and led a 10-people team maintaining the website & proposal-submitting system in Django & Vue.js on GCP. I joined Python document translation project (zh_TW) as a coordinator and help boosting the translation progress from 2% to 20% so far.

Before that, I was pursuing both of my B.S. (2016) & M.S. (2018) in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University (NTU) , where I conducted the research in mechanism design & patent analysis.

Also a cat slave to a tabby named Mujo & a calico named Muya.